Our goal is to fulfill the dream of building a house that is energy efficient, produces more energy than it consumes, and is pleasant to live in.

We wish to build a house of the future, here and now: innovative, yet technically feasible and affordable.

The basic idea is to use a state-of-the-art combination of systems to ensure the required energy and comfort parameters, while maintaining affordable building costs.

Casa Solaris is a new concept of the “house of tomorrow”.

It meets the sustainable building requirements developed by the European Union and national bodies.

Considering the key features of the modern house concepts Casa Solaris provides the following benefits to its inhabitants:
1. Positive energy – it produces more energy than it uses, generating financial benefits
2. A healthy, comfortable and controlled indoor climate, which is described by: permanent fresh air supply, controlled humidity, constant temperature and no airflows
3. Energy efficiency – less than 50 KWh annual heat consumption per sqm
4. Reliance on renewable energy sources
5. Design that suits to the local context and is environmental friendly

Last but not least, it should be affordable and feasible with current building technologies.

This graph shows the various energy flows in Casa Solaris

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How it works
Electricity is produced by on-grid photovoltaic equipment…

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Financial benefits
Casa Solaris uses less energy

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Energy efficiency
In order to obtain an annual heat consumption of 50 KWh

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