What is CASA SOLARIS – The Home with Positive Energy

An innovative concept of the “house of tomorrow”, Casa Solaris abides by the principles of sustainable development.

It is based on renewable energy sources and is energy efficient.

It is protective of the environment, all the while ensuring a healthy and comfortableindoor climate.

Casa Solaris produces more energy than it consumes, thus being a source of income for its owners.

The First Casa Solaris is built in Northern Bucharest.

We build smartly

By combining various systems in an innovative way, we ensure the required energy and comfort parameters of the house, while maintaining affordable building costs…
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We build sustainably

Based on renewable energy (solar energy with seasonal storage), Casa Solaris protects the environment and meets the principles of sustainable development…
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We build profitably

By using photovoltaic panels, Casa Solaris produces more energy than it consumes, being a source of income to its owners through the sale of surplus energy…
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The dream inspires. Its achievement convinces.

The first “Casa Solaris – The Home with Positive Energy” in Voluntari, Ilfov, is waiting for you to visit it.