It all started as an idea. A dream.
A house that runs on renewable energy, offering comfort and independence, while earning you money every month.

Our developer’s vision and our team’s passion helped us build this dream house.
We wanted to show the world that such a house can indeed be built. In Romania, nowadays.
Our Dream has become Reality. It is now ““CASA SOLARIS: The home with positive energy”.

The dream inspires. Its achievement convinces.

    • We wish to establish partnerships to further develop the Casa Solaris concept, within various architectural frameworks: the combination of installation systems that is the lifeblood of the house is independent of building choices
    • At the same time, we offer the houses currently developed in Northern Bucharest for sale

Please contact us for further details, as well as tours or presentations of Casa Solaris.



Casa SOLARIS is an innovative concept developed by a team of specialists in various fields:



Overall concept and systems

Eng. Neculai Negut
Geoterm PDC SRL

Ecological architecture design and
energetic audit

Architects Anca and Adrian Iovescu
Accent Design SRL

Marketing and project

Livia Stanciu, PHD, MBA
Geoterm PDC SRL



Contact details


Contact: Eng. Neculai Negut

Phone: +40 722 391149